Influencing people

The ability to influence people, whether they are your subordinates, team mates, friends  or even your bosses is the essence of leadership. Nowadays, the core of leadership lies in influencing people. Enhance your ability to influence people no matter where they are in the organization and no matter where you sit in the organization – on top or on bottom. How do you influence people , motivate them and set behaviors that are critical for the team goals and organization goals.

If you look at the Forbes most powerful people across the globe recently , the individuals are from head of states or organizations like Bill gates, Janet Lallen, Larry page, Obama. But the type of influence I am talking about is different, that doesn’t need power to influence. For example, the Hong kong occupy central movement started by group of students and became extremely influential to people from all divert types of background to come together to a particular cause,The Arab spring, in which the number of young people, not in powerful positions, yet claimed  power and able to use that power to influence wide and diverse audience to common cause. There are many examples around the globe , when the individuals or really small group of people didn’t have the type of power which these individual has as the head of states and organizations like google and Microsoft etc.

The important part of influential is , despite your position, how you can establish your power so that you can influence other people and processes for whom you don’t have authority over.

Many reading, books are available on the internet on this topic. specially “winning friends” a phrase popularized by Dale Carnegie in his book “How to win friends and Influence People” , so to be precise, few really common and really important points that one should always practice are Listen, smile , thankthem and sincerely make them feel important.

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